About Us

Since 1981, Continental Sales has focused on bringing its customer the best in gourmet fruits and vegetables from around the world. Continental enjoys the advantages of preferred availability pricing and market proximity while retaining the emphasis on personal service that has made it a leader in the fast-paced specialty produce segment. Below is just a brief description of the services that we offer.

Consolidation Services

One-stop shopping services such as cross-docking, warehouse storage, pickup and delivery allow customers to save valuable time and money with one phone call. The goal of consolidation is to minimize cost while delivering the best customer satisfaction possible.

Distribution Services

Our distribution department sells produce to wholesalers, food service companies and retailers. This division handles items from apples, pears, cherries and grapes year-round.


Our GMP certified facilities are located at the Alameda Trade Center with 24/7 security patrols. Electronic Surveillance systems are located throughout the warehouse to provide safety and security for our products and personnel. We have scheduled pest control inspections of the facility.


We have a combined total of 92,000 square feet of refrigerated rooms. Our storage capacity is approximately 150 truck loads combined with 18 state-of-the-art banana ripening rooms. We also have a combined total of 39 loading docks to help expedite your shipment

Freight Hauling

Our warehouse is adjacent to our freight company Reliable Transportation Services. This provides a network of refrigerated semi-trucks and bobtails for both intrastate and local hauling. Having an in-house transportation company allows us to move products at efficiently and at a cost-effective manner.

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